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cyfit.comAccording to a study by a group of health care organizations, support can be critical when handling obstacles concerning getting and staying motivated to exercise, eating healthy, and adopting other wellness behaviors. With that in mind, has created several opportunities for visitors to connect and build online communities. A discussion board will soon be available, enabling visitors to interact with each other about health and fitness-related topics. In addition, the following five chat rooms are also available:

Live Chat Rooms
(Arriving Soon!)

Need weight-training advice? Want to share an exercise tip? Spend some time with fellow fitness buffs.

Whether you want to talk about a hot new diet or how to lose and keep off unwanted weight, this chat room is for you.

Not sure what vitamins to take for a healthier lifestyle? Searching for an herbal remedy? Look here for some answers.

cyfit-sports-recreation cyfit-Sports-Recreation
Whether you're just starting out in a sport or have been playing for years, you can seek advice and share "war" stories with fellow athletes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has a direct link to your appearance. Join others in sharing health and beauty tips to look your best at any age.

Discussion Board

cyfit-discussion boardscyfit-Discussion Board
Here's the place to talk about any health and fitness topic. Discuss nutrition, weight management, and cardiovascular and weight training--anything you can think of.

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A S.M.A.R.T.-certified personal trainer will develop a health and fitness program just for you.WriteDesign, Ltd.

WriteDesign, Ltd. WriteDesign, Ltd.


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